Best Fitness Ab Board BFAB10

Best Fitness Ab Board BFAB10

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A tight . strong midsection is at the core of everything you do . and core training should be considered a vital part of any workout regimen. Not only can you add strength and muscle tone to your entire abdominal section . you can efficiently chisel a flatter stomach and slimmer waistline by committing to a regular abdominal workout.

This is important because your core is where all your body's movements originate. Your abdominal muscles support and protect your internal organs and aid in breathing . especially when you exhale. The abs also team up with your back muscles to control trunk motions like twisting and bending.

With the Best Fitness AB10 Ab Board . six pack abs are within your reach! The Best Fitness BFAB10 Ab Board is designed to tighten up your midsection . strengthen your back and improve your core stability. If you want to look and feel your best . start at your core!

Comfortable and effective . Body Solid's BF AB10's three starting incline positions (15 . 20 or 25 degrees) enable you to take your workout and turn it up a degree. Best of all . the BFAB10 is fully assembled right out of the box.

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