PRISP Dumbbells Set with Rack, 3 Pairs of Neoprene Free Weights with Stand

PRISP Dumbbells Set with Rack, 3 Pairs of Neoprene Free Weights with Stand

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The PRISP Dumbbells Set with Rack is the perfect piece of equipment to help you sculpt and tone your arms and body. With three different weight sets you can easily adjust to your progress or different muscle groups. The dumbbells are colour-coded to allow quick identification and make your space more vibrant. With a flat edge . you can set these down without risking the weights rolling away. The neoprene coating will keep your grip secure and throughout your workout.

Dumbbells are a great tool for both targeted training and adding to your regular training program. Whether you're working on your biceps . triceps . shoulders . chest or back . resistance training while remaining mobile will improve your strength while keeping your muscles lean. Using weights during a walk with a friend or even following a dynamic workout program such as a step workout will yield better results and get you closer to your goals faster.

With three different pairs of weights . adjusting your equipment to your progress and specific workout has never been easier.

Each pair has a different colour for easy association (pink . yellow . teal) and seamless progression.

Weight Rack included
Your set of PRISP dumbbells comes conveniently with a rack to store your equipment after use. Easy to assemble thanks to a provided screwdriver . the rack presents your weights elegantly no matter where you store them. Small and easy to transport . you can bring these dumbbells to your gym . workplace or even on trips to keep your progress unimpeded.

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